Part II : Scandinavia

In August 2016 I took my concept back on the road, focusing this time on Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and a few off-topic sessions on the way to/back from Scandinavia). I chose to record fewer bands all in all but provide each of them a filmed live session of anything between one and nine songs. All these sessions are now on my YouTube channel.

For that second chapter Ragnar Ólafsson of Icelandic act Árstíðir  (whom I had recorded during the first chapter) came with me to help out with filming, driving and simply for the feeling of sharing the whole adventure with someone – to build something that would last longer than the apparently ephemeral relationships with people you only spend one day with. This time however there was no crowdfunding involved.

The idea was to let the bands decide where we would do the sessions. While most of them (on the 2 first tours) opted for the simple solution of doing it in their rehearsal spaces, some got very creative and we recorded in uncommon places such as an underground parking lot, an abandoned coal power plant, a former train station, a cathedral cloister, a garden, several music venues, a cafeteria… you get the idea. Those drastically different conditions allowed for very interesting acoustics and shots, but the challenge also kept my audio engineering skills on alert. Every day was about figuring out how to make it work best, as fast as possible. In just under 50 recording sessions I learnt a tremendous amount that no school could teach me in ten years.

As soon as we got home, the next idea started brewing in the back of our minds and turned into Recording Europe : Faroe Islands


Playlist of all the sessions:

On-the-Road webisodes:

bands recorded:

The Moth – Hamburg

Tales of Murder and Dust – Aarhus

Town Portal – Copenhagen

Spines – Copenhagen

Sagor Som Leder mot Slutet – Röstånga

Easy October – Göteborg

Superlynx – Oslo

Rift – Bergen

Still Shaking – Bergen

What Came From The Sea – Bergen

Þorsteinn Kári – Reykjavík

Myrra Rós – Reykjavík

Severed – Reykjavík

Kira (RIP) – Umeå

Prescriptiondeath – Gävle

VAK – Stockholm

Ikiryo – Växjö

Asteroid – Örebro

Altar – Malmö

Bunkr – Porrentruy

Aiming for Enrike (NO) – Fribourg