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Hey folks,
This is it.

The last session from our summer tour is now out!
Meet VAK from Stockholm, Sweden. If I were to describe their music I would talk of Pink Floyd and Cult of Luna having a child who’s grown up now, and who has things of his own to tell you.

It was a pleasure beyond words to record their awesome music in such an anti-textbook venue: an empty underground parking lot with endless reverberation and chaotic delays that added the pinch of magic to make this day absolutely unforgettable.

Check it out, and share it!

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Cameras : Raggi Ólafsson, Haukur Hannes, Kevin “Caoimhín” Galland
Colour Grading : Yann Audouin
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Kevin Galland

Special thanks:
Magnus Lindberg Productions for putting me in touch with these guys.
Julien Fehlmann “Obi Wan Kenobi” / Studio Mécanique for always patiently pointing out what my ears missed and how to improve things.
David Grillon “Master Yoda” for helping me put the last coat of polyurethane on this mix.

This session was mixed almost exclusively with Slate plugins.


Before Christmas I was invited by the Swiss Radio La Fabrik for a one hour program about my project.

you can listen the podcast (in french) here!


I’m extremely honoured and happy to announce that Slate Digital have started supporting Recording Europe. Huge thank you to everyone involved for your great products and your trust!



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