Part III : Faroe Islands


In February 2018 Recording Europe came back with yet another new twist to our concept.

For the first time we decided to focus entirely on artists coming from only one country, namely the Faroe Islands. In 18 days we recorded and filmed Faroese artists both in the Faroe Islands and in Denmark.

To document the trip and tell the stories of the people we met we decided to experiment with a medium that we both never tried before: an audiobook. It will of course retell our adventure there, but also give a glimpse into the lives of independent musicians. It is not aimed to be a book by indie musicians for indie musicians, but rather to show that world to people who might not know everything that is going on in the lives of musicians who haven’t “made it”, whatever that means.

The book is expected to be released in August 2019, and the sessions came out regularly throughout 2018.