Recording Europe

In March and April 2015 I toured Europe (France, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland), in a way that I had never experienced as a musician. I packed a car with the minimal gear I needed to record music, and embarked on a journey to discover new places and music, meet people and give them the opportunity to record music for free. 33 bands in 33 days.

Inspired by sound explorers who travelled to distant countries to record music from cultures completely unknown to them, I realized that modern music has reached such a pinnacle of diversity that such an adventure could be lived – right outside my doorstep. With a focus on DIY (do it yourself) culture, I met people who believe in what they do, not in a financial way but a creative one. From those who simply play music with friends to those whose entire lifestyle revolves around their project(s), rejecting concepts such as “normal” jobs, careers, etc. 

The tour was successfully financed through crowdfunding.

I filmed fragments of the adventure and uploaded short daily webisodes about my trip, and edited a full length (76 min) movie/documentary including interviews of the various music activists I met on the road.

The triple album of my recordings and the documentary were hand printed (silk-screening) by myself and Out of Gas in a very limited edition of 100 copies that were pre-sold out during the crowdfunding campaign. After a few months of exclusivity for my backers I made the movie free to watch on YouTube.



During that first Recording Europe Tour, I also filmed 2 live sessions which inspired Recording Europe part II : Scandinavia.


Documentary/Road movie I made after the first tour:

On-the-Road webisodes:

bands recorded:

Tomia – Orléans – Facebook

Junior Himself – Caen – YouTube

Portier Dean – Caen – Facebook

Bumpkin Island – Rennes – Facebook

Meridian Circle (f.k.a Wreck the Nest) – Nantes – Facebook

Nojia – Toulouse – Facebook

Sound Sweet Sound – Toulouse – Facebook

Zolla – Montpellier – Facebook

Canine – La Fare les Oliviers – Facebook

Grace Killers (RIP) – Nice 

Last Minute to Jaffna – Torino – Facebook

The Aroostercrats – Verona – Facebook – Full EP recorded that day

John F. Doe – Bled – Facebook

Árstíðir – Bleiburg – Facebook – video session

Kala – Innsbruck – Facebook

Augsburg – Sarah Lesch – Facebook

Althütte – Brothers of Ivory – Facebook

Darmstadt – Rollergirls – Facebook

Mainz – Zéro Absolu – Facebook

Strasbourg – Ross Heselton – Facebook

Nancy – Anathème – Facebook

Sélestat – IntoTheTide – Facebook

La Chaux-de-Fonds – Virgin Bitch – Facebook

Lausanne – Louis Jucker – websitevideo session

Genève – Six Months of Sun – Facebook

Lyon – Tusk – Facebook

Lyon – LisAvril – Facebook

Chambéry – Les Frères Bandini – Facebook

Annecy – The Reaction – Facebook

Contamine-Sarzin – Le Cri (RIP)

Romont – We Said – Facebook

Fribourg – Das Röckt (RIP) – Facebook – session

Augsburg – Farhad Sidiqi